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It's quicker, it's easier to use, and it's the app that's all about your company and team.

We are working hard to create the Best Merit Point management app. Enjoy control of your working related matters, whenever or wherever you are.

We will soon be extending this experience to our customer.

Now, find out what makes managing Merit Point with effectively at your fingertips.

know_your_point history
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know_your_point history

View your ranking, profiles, point history, daily attendance record (DTR),eligible salary advance and so on under your personal view.

Keeping track of your Point history - all in one place. Benchmark your next level competitor point differences

View your personal ranking and point chart for past few months.


Create your daily positive posting in less than one minute and Like or comment your colleague posting to earn the points.

HR create some adhoc tasks with points given, staff will volunteer to opt-in the tasks and point will be given upon mission completed

Overall ranking chart will be shown to create a competitive environment and motivate the staff.


Merit Point Management Apps are linked with various rewards. Employees who perform well and gained the most highest point will get more rewards. To obtained more points, employees will take initiative to work, and this will lead a change on working attitude instead of "waiting for order to complete" to "I will volunteer to completed"

Every good or bad actions or event performed by employees can be evaluated by the addition or deduction of points but not in money value. This will not affect employee salaries, therefore no one will have excuse to use the system. Meanwhile, reasonable punishment or compliments through merit points is an effective way to enhance the company operation.

Merit points apps leads to changes in employee's behaviour and habits by rewarding and deducting point. A healthy corporate culture will develop quickly with the integration of on every actions of employees.

You can cultivate employee good habits with extra bonus points, and restrain employee's bad habits with demerit points. With this practices, staff's with good habit will become more prevalent over the time.


Monthly popular votes encourages employee to votes their favourite colleagues, this can establish a harmony environment which employee are compliment each others and it help build a strong or unity team.

Messenger available for communication between employee and also a channel for employee to voices out to their boss directly.

Attendance is one of important and paint point facing in SME Market. With this Apps, we will monitor and turn the attendances into points to improve the attendance rates significantly.

Some company allowed salary advance benefit for their employee. However, sometimes it is very difficult to control and also records. DingDong Apps will help to improve and control the difficulties facing on this.

Offers and screens shown are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to the pw Mobile® app for actual and accurate offers and screens.


Who should experience this?

Organization or company who have more than 10 staff and above shall give a try on this apps.

What will you experiences in this apps?

We've made it really simple for you to manage your people:

  • HR register staff in backend system
  • HR create PIN so you can make login easily and change your secure password upon first login.
  • Earn you point with Daily Apps Clock-in, Create, Like and Comment a posts.
  • Earn point on the routine tasks stated according to predefine job description or additional tasks or target which has been assigned by superior.
  • Merit point that you earn from each tasks or event in the apps will ranked you in the group or departments.

We'll keep improving! Stay tuned for more features to follow.

How do I view my point history and chart?

Choose on ME tab by swiping to right. Click on "My Points" tab, select "View point chart transaction" for full year point chart. Highest and lowest point always show at bottom for your own comparison.

How frequent the point will be updated?

All point included routine tasks point will be updated monthly by HR.Final Ranking will only be accurate and show accordingly after routine tasks point added.


The App is provided to you on an “as is” basis. We do not guarantee that the App is compatible with your mobile device or that (the contents of) the App and our website are free of errors, defects, malware and viruses or that the App and our website are correct, up to date and accurate.